A new language for data visualisation

Create next generation visualisations in a fast and easy way


Map your data to perceivable and artistic objects that interact and animate to tell a story and stimulate the mind.


Discover patterns via switching effortlessly through different spatio-temporal views, boundaries and resolutions.


Share and display your data through images, videos, interactive web pages and touch-sensitive interfaces.


Zero-install. login and create

To use the datacollider all you require is a web browser, hence eliminating the need for installing any special software. Simply go to the website, login, upload your data and start creating next generation visualisations from your data.


Simple and Intuitive interface

Go from raw data to the final visualisation through an easy-to-understand graphical pathway that makes transforming data and building visualisations possible with minimal knowledge of data science or visualisations.


Powerful and scalable computing

The datacollider connects to the cloud and leverages the fast and reliable distributed computing framework Hadoop, for big data storage and processing. This allows you to manipulate large quantities of data in a speedy way.