Introducing DATACOLLIDER MacRitchie

We are happy to announce the release of our newest beta version of the datacollider. We named the new version after MacRitchie, a beautiful tropical rain forest area with vast lakes in Singapore. The focus of the more than three months of work was primarily on the user interface, documentation and on bug fixing. The team did a small user study with a select group of users after our Alexandra release in July and then took that feedback to improve the usability of the user interface. We changed many parts but hope to have succeeded in keeping the character of the overall interface intact.

A second topic was documentation – or removing the lack of it. We started by writing up simple guides that help you getting started but also with more advanced topics. We started a curated FAQ as well with some initial important questions answered. Lastly, when you first login to the datacollider you now have the option of taking a guiding tour to create your first visualization – just sit back and relax!

Last but definitely not least, we continued our bug fixing efforts by closing more than a hundred bugs. We are confident that the new version is more stable than ever, however we are glad if you can report any bugs to us. We are continuously fixing bugs and will fix bugs as soon as possible.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the new version of the datacollider. Please share all your thoughts, feedback, questions and cool visualizations with us via our feedback page.

The datacollider team: Oliver, Martina, Ram, Mohit, Riki, Khai, Roy