Welcome to the datacollider! The datacollider is a web platform that allows you to visualise big dataset fast and easily. Simply use one of the public datasets available or upload your own data to get started. Process and refine your data without being a programmer or data scientist. Lastly, create stunning visualizations right in your browser that allow you to easily discover patterns in your data.

In this section of the website, we’ll put everything you need to learn how to use the datacollider. You’ll find everything from simple tutorials to articles about advanced operators in these pages and we will continue to expand this section continuously. If you have questions, you can simply drop us a line using the form provided at the end of each page. Continue reading

Operator reference

Operators are the primary means for transforming the data in your projects in a way that enables you to visualise it. Broadly speaking, they perform operations like selecting, aggregating, filtering and annotating your data. Each operator takes some data as input, then modifies it and outputs the modified data. The first operator in a chain takes its data directly from a dataset, subsequent operators will use the output of a previous operator as their input.

In here, we describe all available operators in detail. Continue reading