The Lab has been working in the data visualization space for almost ten years and many of the Lab’s data visualizations were shown at exhibitions worldwide. The Lab in Singapore, especially, focused the last years on improving both the interactivity of data visualizations as well as to simplify the process of creating data visualizations in the first place.

For the last one and a half years, the team has focused on implementing a data visualization tool which allows anybody to create 3D, interactive data visualizations from big datasets directly in their web browsers. The tool, called DATACOLLIDER, allows users to upload their datasets and subsequently allows them to process and transform the data using an easy-to-use interface. Lastly, it allows users to visualize the data in different forms by choosing from a palette of visualization templates.

A major goal of the datacollider is to simplify the process for data artists to create completely new visualizations. The tool takes care of data parsing, processing and transmitting the data to the visualization. A visualization SDK will be provided which let’s data artist focus solely on creating the actual visualization. This speeds up the creation of new visualizations and at the same time, the visualizations developed that way can be reused as visualization templates by other users of the datacollider.

The Senseable City Lab at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are looking for candidates for the datacollider Project Lead position in the Singapore Lab based at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART).

We are looking for an extraordinary candidate to lead the project into and in its next phase which will consist of rapidly extending the number of different high-quality visualization types the datacollider can produce as well as guiding the project towards a potential commercial, public release via a startup company.

The position therefore requires a unique mix of skills but most importantly, the candidate should have several years of experience in the data visualization space. As the project enters a more mature phase, these skills will be essential to push the tool forward in terms of the number and the quality of the provided data visualization types. In itself, the datacollider is also a complex software project. The successful candidate therefore has excellent software engineer skills and ideally prior experience with leading at least one substantial software engineering project.

As the Project recently won significant funding for developing a startup company to commercialize the DATACOLLIDER, entrepreneurial skills of the candidate are very important. Candidates with prior experience in spinning out (research) projects into startups will be favorably considered. A necessary skill for this part of the role is to be able to represent the project at academic conferences, in public and the media. Candidates therefore need to be excellent communicators and presenters.

Lastly, together with the Director of the Senseable City Lab, the project lead will also be responsible for all HR and financial aspects of the Singapore Lab as well as for reporting to SMART.

If you are interested in making a lasting impact by helping to develop the platform that allows everybody to create the most stunning visualizations, apply now!


  • Several years of experience in the data visualization space
  • An extensive portfolio of data visualizations with the following characteristics:
    • A deep focus on visualization aesthetics
    • Includes visualizations based on large datasets
    • Includes map visualizations (either 2d or 3d)
    • Excellent Software Engineering skills ideally in a number of languages
    • Prior experience leading a substantially large software project is a plus
    • Entrepreneurial skills and previous experience with spin-offs are a plus
    • Excellent communicator and presenter; experience with talking to the media a plus
    • Ability to lead the diverse and growing team working on the DATACOLLIDER
    • Very good management skills to co-lead the Singapore Lab with the Director of the Senseable City Lab
    • Willingness to travel: the position will be based in Singapore; however travel to MIT in Boston may be required.

We invite interested applicants to submit the following material:

  • A motivation letter (usually up to 1 page) stating the applicant’s interest in working with SCL and in particular including – research areas and/or projects of particular interest within the given scope, key relevant competencies of the applicant, dates of availability
  • CV and portfolio of sample work
  • An applicant should be ready to provide letters of recommendation or contacts of the academic referees upon request
Please submit your material in PDF format to senseable-applicants-sing@mit.edu.
For further information or an informal discussion about the position, please contact senseable-applicants-sing@mit.edu.