Position Overview:
The Senseable City Lab (SCL) at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducts research involving the use and visualization of real-time data sets generated by urban networks and systems. The digital revolution is layering a vast system of cameras, communication devices, microcontrollers and sensors over our environment, enabling entirely new ways to imagine, monitor, and understand our cities. The value of this system reaches beyond its various components’ intended purposes: mobile phone networks reveal social and economic patterns, tracking systems highlight global material flows, and digitally-monitored transportation modes expose human mobility routes. SCL are seeking exceptional candidates to fill several sponsored research positions involving the graphic visualization of datasets provided by various industries and public entities, including but not limited to telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, and urban or municipal planning.

Job Description:

  • Responsibilities include working with Senseable City Lab researchers, collaborators and sponsors to:
    • Interpret and produce unique data visualizations for a variety of research projects
    • Prepare visualizations for publication in online and print media (academic and popular) as well as at exhibitions
    • Create animations and videos based on data provided from research projects


  • Bachelors/Master degree in computation design, computer and information sciences, media arts and sciences, or equivalent with two to three years related work experience.
  • Proficiency in web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and/ or programming languages such as Java; familiarity with design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite; some training in graphic or multimedia design; relevant skills for interpreting, analyzing, and pre-processing data; a basic knowledge of GIS or the mapping and use of geographic point and polygon location information. Proficiency in programming visualization packages and data processing is preferred.
  • Proficiency with HTML5 is preferred.
  • Knowledge of statistics and statistical software packages, such as R or Matlab will be desirable.
  • Advanced knowledge of GIS will be desirable.
  • Demonstrated experience with collaborative research methods will be desirable.
  • The position is available immediately. We invite interested applicants to submit the following material to senseable-applicants-sing@mit.edu.
  • A motivation letter (usually up to 1 page) stating the applicant’s interest in working with SCL and in particular including: research areas and/or projects of particular interest within the given scope, key relevant competencies of the applicant, dates of availability
  • CV and portfolio of sample work attached
  • An applicant should be ready to provide letters of recommendation or contacts of the academic referees upon request
Additional information about the Senseable City Lab and its projects is available at http://senseable.mit.edu.
For further information or an informal discussion about the post, please contact  senseable-applicants-sing@mit.edu.